Top 5 Reasons To Strength to Strength Train


1. Strength training boosts your metabolism. Weight training and strength training increases your muscle mass, when resting you burn further calories in comparison to cardiovascular training.

2. Strength training over a period of time can prevent bone loss, in addition studies have shown in post-menopausal women who strength train increase in their bone density. As we get older we lose muscle mass therefore increasing bone density and muscle mass as we age is imperative.

3. Strength training can improve overall mood and wellbeing. Most exercises releases endorphins, some however release endorphins at a high level and then after exercise you experience a dip. Strength training is low impact and the release of endorphins is continuous.

4. Improvement in posture: the way you sit and stand is directly affected by your muscles and their strength. Stronger muscles allow you to sit with the correct posture more comfortably and stand stronger.

5. Health – reduces the risk of diabetes and insulin need, stabilizes blood sugar levels, improves immunity, reduces PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms, builds bone mass.

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