Headaches are multi-factorial and a systematic set of preventative measures need to be put in place. Therefore I will be focusing on a series of posts related to migraines and headaches. I have clients and many friends who suffer and I hope these posts benefit all.

Many would say, can deep breathing really help me? I would say it can and it will (in addition to other changes).

During stressful episodes your heart rate and blood pressure increase. Breathing patterns change, muscles tense and adrenaline and hormones are released.

Deep breathing increases blood oxygen and oxygen to the muscles and the brain. The brain uses more oxygen than your muscles; this may explain why those who suffer from headaches find strenuous exercise difficult and it can make your headache worse. The brain is sensitive to a decrease in brain oxygen. There is an increased demand for muscle oxygen and therefore less oxygen available for the brain. Increasing oxygen supply to the brain seems to help prevent headaches and promote brain healing. With practice, deep relaxation changes your body’s response to adrenaline and other stress hormones.

Relaxing the muscles and returning your body into a calm state slows down the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the stress response. The sympathetic nervous system is involved in blood pressure regulation, sleep, heartbeat regulation, blood vessel expansion and contraction.

Breathing correctly is essential.
1. Breathe in through the nose through your belly not hunching your shoulders up and stomach in. Your stomach should slightly come out (belly breathing).
2. Breathe out through your mouth by squeezing your belly in slowly
3. Continue you everyday. You should notice a difference
(Let us know if the above helps, watch videos online if you need to)

Foods that can increase blood oxygen
Iron rich foods such as meat.
Leafy green vegtables
Organic Celery
Ripe Bananas
Citrus Fruits
Sweet potato
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