Walking has many benefits, such as: increases energy, improves your mood, reduces stress, improves your immunity, improves your cardio vascular function, lowers your blood pressure and aids in weight loss.


There is no golden rule on how many minutes, at Maya’s Organic World we encourage you to implement small incremental changes that are consistent and fun. The first 5 days are usually the hardest when implementing a new routine. Many of our clients want to lose weight, however we encourage you to start exercise to improve your mood, brain function and muscle function first. Once your mind-set has been corrected it will be a lifelong change. If, you tend to start physical activities or dietary changes and never continue, working on your mind-set and intention will enable you to always start and stay on track. If you do have a few “off” days you are more likely to get back on track.

Walking is a simple activity and reduces stress on your joints in comparison to high-impact sport.

Insomnia is a common issue in many homes globally, however walking boosts natural sleep hormones such as melatonin. Research has shown walking consistently and regularly can help those who find it difficult to sleep or suffer from insomnia.

Start 20 minutes a day, even if its in your home. Let us know how you get on.