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Pioneering beginnings

Maya’s Organic World is a small family-owned company, founded by Dr. Summia Naz, BSc, PhD and her husband, an electrical engineer. Dr. Naz is a British PhD holder in science, her thesis was based on antibiotics. Their experience spans over 20 years. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge related to: business, engineering, logistics, accounting, pharmaceuticals, medical research, academia, writing and academic coaching.

Allopathy has a place in society, medicine and treatment. However, there are many autoimmune diseases and conditions that can be treated naturally. Their transition from pharma to natural and ancient medicine began over half a decade ago. As a family they had to deal with various health conditions related to: ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), eczema, sleep apnoea, idiopathic inflammatory conditions, increased stomach acidity, muscular and nerve pain. After a continuous overuse of allopathic medication and spending thousands seeking cures, from London to Dubai, Dr. Naz changed course and intensively used her academic and professional background to research alternative therapies.

Food was used as medicine; literature was extracted from medical journals and published research, products and a bespoke online therapy program was developed.

Maya’s Organic World was founded and the first two products were formulated as a need.

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