Organic or sidr honey has numerous benefits (flu, cold, food poisoning) in medicine (used in moderation) can be extremely beneficial for many ailments. When my children are sick the first thing i do is give 1/2 teaspoon of organic honey in room temp or warm water. Yes it does work and is extremely beneficial. Many people ask for advice and my advice is the smallest holistic steps are the most important steps towards healing naturally. We have found it effective for common colds and flu, food poisoning, stomach upset, conjunctivitis  and minor burns. As always please make your own informed decisions.  I have personally witnessed this and with my clients.
NOTE: use in moderation.
Honey has many uses and has been used in traditional and ancient medicine:
Treating diseases of the gut
Treats weak digestion
Beneficial for an irritating cough
Burns and wounds
Eye ailments
Honey has been found to have an inhibitory affect against 60 species of bacteria including aerobes and anaerobes (gram positive and gram negative). A small number of in-vitro case studies have shown that natural honey has antimicrobial activity against the community-associated MRSA organisms. A honey solution has also been used in-vitro against h-pylori which causes gastric issues. Furthermore, honey antimicrobial activity has shown that honey draws out moisture from the environments and dehydrates bacteria,  the sugar content of honey is high enough to hinder microbial growth and the pH of honey is low and acidic enough to prevent the growth of most micro organisms.
Gastric upset can be caused by the attachment of bacteria to mucosal epithelial cells, blocking this process can aid in disease prevention, Honey is known to decrease the duration of diarrhea, repair damaged intestinal mucosa and stimulate the growth of new tissues.
Honey used in ophthalmology for conjunctivitis has shown a reduction in: redness, pus discharge and swelling.
Honey can be used as a pre-biotic, that balances the intestinal microflora stimulation activity and growth for beneficial organisms.
It has been well documented that free radicals cause molecular transformations and gene mutations and as a results oxidative stress is known to cause many diseases. Honey contains flavonoids and is an antioxidant that works against free radical formation.
We do specialize in a novel Integrative Therapy Program. This involves a deeper look and focus on nutritional and biochemical imbalances in the body that lead to ill health. A review of the client’s health history, lifestyle and diet. Evaluate change through a bespoke assessment for each client. Deliver nutrition education tailored to each client’s condition to assist the client. Counsel and provide preventative consultative advice related to their condition.